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Duane Mongerson inducted into CAC Hall of Fame

Our program is pleased that our retired Director of Apprenticeship Training M. Duane Mongerson has been inducted into the California Apprenticeship Council Hall of Fame!. The announcement came during the recent California Conference on Apprenticeship in San Diego.

The California Apprenticeship Council (CAC) established the California Apprenticeship Hall of Fame in 1981. Its purpose is to officially recognize individuals who, through their effort, devotion and commitment have made significant and long lasting contributions to apprenticeship in the State of California. M. Duane Mongerson is precisely such an individual.

Among Duane’s noteworthy accomplishments and contributions were professionalizing the Bay Area Roofing Apprenticeship Program; authoring roofing text that are still used throughout California; testifying before the CAC on innumerable occasions; serving on countless CAC committees; and serving in leadership roles with a variety of apprenticeship organizations, including the Bay Area Apprenticeship Coordinators Association, the California Apprenticeship Coordinators Association and the California State Roofing/Waterproofing Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. M. Duane Mongerson is the very first representative of the roofing trade to be inducted into the CAC Hall of Fame and the honor is richly deserved. Congratulations, Duane!

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